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Hormones Matter: Out of balance, diseases can develop

Hormones Matter: Out of balance diseases can develop

Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers and they travel throughout your bloodstream to all tissues and organs.  They work via a feedback loop which govern the initiation and maintenance of most hormone secretion in response to various stimuli. They work slowly, over time, and affect many different processes, including:

·        Growth and development

·        Mood

·        Activity of cells and organs

·        Regulate body’s growth, metabolism, sexual development & function

When hormones are out of balance, diseases can develop.  Hormones are impacted by genetics, aging, lifestyle, medications, and environment.  We work to optimize the levels in the body which improves your quality of life.

At DB2 we start with a comprehensive panel of bloodwork that includes all necessary hormones along with other markers that are not commonly ordered by traditional medical providers. We review them in detail and develop a protocol individualized to your needs. We will implement an intervention and follow-up with you along the way to make sure you are seeing the results you want. 

See the DB2 difference and experience the benefits of hormone optimization today.


Human body and hormones
DB2 Regeneration Clinics Hormone Therapy - Hormones matter

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