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Transforming Lives, Restoring Hope:
Innovating Regenerative Medicine with Compassionate Care


PRP, Stem Cell, Decompression Therapy, Hormone, Weight Loss, Chiropractic care

Who We Are

What we do

Our practice model is based on the fundamentals:

This unique integrated approach allows Patients to engage in a professional medical relationship with DB2 Regeneration Clinics for the purpose of Health monitoring, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of their conditions.

At DB2 Regeneration our mission is to share the science of Regenerative/Longevity Medicine and the Art of Healing by assisting patients to experience less pain, improved mobility, optimal weight, increased energy levels and live the best quality of life possible. We understand that Patients’ desire time and reliable advice from their Healthcare Providers when navigating the complexities of their healthcare choices. As experienced providers we have seen Patients suffer confusion and disappointment in trusting their lives to Insurance company executives, fly by night operators or government programs whom they rely on as being reliable sources of information. At DB2 we are committed to developing trusting personal relationships with our Patients, it is that truth that allows us to recommend meaningful treatments and therapies focused on the uniqueness of our Patients as individuals, not who their insurance provider is or what they cover. 


Our Methods

Our practice methods are based on existing medical evidence, assessment of the unique Patient presentation, our experience and the Patient’s goals. Our Mission and Model are not based on insurance reimbursement. At DB2 Regenerative Wellness Clinics we believe a membership and cost sharing model of reimbursement offers the purest form of Patient/Provider interaction that eliminates the undue influence of third-party payors. 

What are patients are saying about DB2

Everyone here is amazing! Glad I was able to find doctors who care and take the time to listen. I recommend checking them out.

Austin B

I highly recommend going to DB2. Doug & Cari are awesome at their jobs. Not every day you greeted in the parking lot for a Dr's visit. Also my pain level has improved substantially since my PRP injections.

Madonna I

The team is AWESOME at DB2!! Dr. Bell, Doug Bouldin FNP and Cari Russell. They were all very helpful with information about my son’s Knee! They are all very nice and professional during our visit. We appreciate all that you do!

Courtney T

I was able to work with Dr Bell and Dr Patrick today. They were very professional and helpful. My exam was very thorough and Dr Bell took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything to me. I'm excited to work with the DB2 team and have them help me get back to running!

Abraham C

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